After arriving in Shinchitose Airport, go to a bar that supplies the local favourite Sapporo Classic beer in perfect condition.

The Earth Rook&Tarry is a good bar located inside Shinchitose Airport. This is a sister shop to the main store, the authentic bar ‘The Earth’ in Abashiri, which is certified by the long-running Sapporo Beer company as one of the few places in Hokkaido where you can drink the perfect classic. Only stores that clear harsh examinations can supply the Sapporo Classic fresh from the barrel, which boasts fine bubbles down to the micron - be sure to try it yourself. Apart from that, the bar offers meals using the mountain and sea bounties of the Okhotsk region, as well as over 500 whiskeys and wines, and a selection of cocktails made by the bartender.

The Earth Rook&Tarry

  • 【Address】3F New Chitose Airport Terminal, Bibi 987-22,Chitose
  • 【Business Hours】11:00-22:00(LO 21:30) * It is currently open for a short time.
  • 【Regular Holiday】None
  • 【Official website】http://www.theearth1990.co.jp/rook-tarry
  • 【Contact Us】050-5890-7881
  • 【Map Code】113 711 776*82