Tube sliders and the always-popular snow rafting! You can borrow long boots too, so you don’t have to bring anything.

North Snowland In Chitose is about jumping into the white winter view and playing to your heart’s content. The tube slider rings with cheers, and both children and adults are sure to be hooked on the sense of speed racing down the snowy mountain. Snow rafting, mini-snowmobiles and other activities make a satisfying lineup here. During summer, this is a golf course filled with greenery, so you might meet Sakhalin foxes or Ezo squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris orientis). Sunny or not, Hokkaido’s winter is cold! Before you play in the snow, we recommend you guard against the cold by going into the golf club’s centre house and borrowing some rental wear (1,000 yen for adults, 500 yen for children) and rental longboots (500 yen).

North Snowland In Chitose

  • 【Address】26 Rankoshi, Chitose (The North Country Golf Club)
  • 【Fee Admission】Entry fee/500 yen for ages 12 and up, 300 yen for ages 6 and up, free below age 6 * Unlimited tube slider and snow play corner use * Other activities and rental gear have a separate charge
  • 【Parking Lot】Available
  • 【Official website】https://www.the-north.co.jp/snow/
  • 【Contact Us】0123-27-2121
  • 【Map Code】113 822 708*56