Hot springs, meals, fitness, salons, this hotel has it all. A resort and spa amid the lake and forest where you can let the power of water heal you.

From special rooms with an attached outdoor bath, to a doggy room where you can stay with your pet dog, there are 53 rooms across 7 types. The hot springs come in the form of outdoor baths attached to rooms, and the common bath, Shikotsu Biyu (Beautiful Shikotsu Waters). The soft waters are said to make bathers more beautiful, as the Shikotsu hot spring works on your skin. In addition to this, there is also a fitness gym, a sauna, an aesthetic salon and so on. The popular meal is the Healthy Buffet, made with the most thorough anti-infection measures. There’s also a restaurant that offers the most beautiful Japanese dishes using seasonal Hokkaido ingredients. Additionally, there’s also the"Pâtissier Lab sweet shop"with its lineup of sweets made from Hokkaido materials, and the"Counter Bar Appe" that offers a place to settle down and relax.

Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort: Mizunouta Spa (Water’s Song Spa)

  • 【Address】Shikotsuko Onsen
  • 【Parking Lot】Available
  • 【Official website】https://www.mizunouta.com
  • 【Contact Us】0123-25-2532
  • 【Map Code】867 063 565*12