Giant slides, snowmobiles, snowball fights and so on make for a festival filled with winter joys that local people look forward to as well.

Held on the first sunday of every February. This winter event is for adults, children and tourists to all join in and play in the snow. The night before starts the preparations, with ice candles lighting up. The entire town is plunged into a magical, otherworldly atmosphere. On the day, you can play with giant slides, snowmobile test drives, snowball fights, strikeout, kick bowling and other winter-only activities, as well as enjoy an idol group’s live show and other events. There’s also a limited supply of free hot chocolate. If you get hungry, head over to the food booth that sells light meals and local specialities. From gyoza, to shiruko, to oden and rice made with local signature mushrooms, there are lots of warm foods to pick from! The afternoon starts off a raffle with a chance for all sorts of impressive prizes!

Nanporo Winter Festival

  • 【Address】2-chōme-4-1 Chūō,Namporo, Sorachi District(Special venue next to Namporo Town Sports Center)
  • 【Business Hours】1st sunday of February, 10:00-15:00 (evening festivities the saturday before start at 15:00) * Depending on bad weather, the festival or particular attractions may be altered or canceled.
  • 【Contact Us】Namporo Industry Promotion Department, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Group, 011-398-7201
  • 【Map Code】139 198 803*56