This restaurant prides itself in dishes made from the oysters it brings in direct from Akkeshi. Its special zantare is also popular. The first floor sells fresh fish and processed products.

This locally beloved izakaya brings in fresh seafood from ports like Akkeshi and Nemuro, offering them in the style that tastes best for that time of the year. The first floor sells fresh products. The second floor’s restaurant is bright and open, a perfect space to relax in. The oyster fries and oyster steak use oysters brought straight in from Akkeshi, adding to the lineup of dishes such as the classic Akkeshi Oyster Rice Bowl, monthly recommended menus, the reasonably priced and satisfying lunch menu, and so on. A local favourite is the zantare, a Kotobukiya speciality, where sweet sauce is pouerd on Zangi, or fried bird.

Fresh Fish From The Source: Kotobukiya

  • 【Address】4-chōme-8-1 Chūō,Namporo, Sorachi District
  • 【Business Hours】Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 11:00-17:00 Friday/Saturday/Sun 11:00-19:00 * Fri/Sat/Sun nights are by reservation. If there are no reservations, the store may be closed.
  • 【Regular Holiday】Every Wednesday * It may be closed due to shike.
  • 【Parking Lot】Available for 50 ordinary cars.
  • 【Official website】https://kotobuki-ya.info
  • 【Contact Us】011-398-9433
  • 【Map Code】139 228 264*11