Open for a limited time only on the first, second and third saturday and sunday of February! Enjoy snow rafting and other fun experiences unique to winter.

A limited-time winter camping experience in a popular campsite. During the day, try snow rafting in a park near the campsite, then at night, take in the lights of originally made lanterns, and take in an authentic Finnish atmosphere in a tent sauna. Accomodations are in the most popular cottage, a car site where you can park a camping car, or a free tent site where you can set up your own tent, whichever you prefer. Additionally, you can rent a barbecue grill for free (charcoal and logs are paid for). If you buy the salmon chan-chan set or the mutton barbecue set, you can skip past all the hassle of setting up. Yakitori and alcohol can be bought here too. Comes with tickets to the Naganuma hot spring that’ll warm you to the core of your body! * Open period and contents change every year, please check in advance.

Maoi Autoland

  • 【Address】7 Senkita-4 Higashi,Naganuma, Yubari District
  • 【Business Hours】 13:00-18:00 7:00-11:00
  • 【Fee Admission】 [Accomodations] Cottage: 15,000 yen, car site : 2,500 yen, tent site: 1,000 yen [Campsite use fee] 1,500 yen per person of middle school age or above, 800 yen per person of primary school age (both come with tickets to Naganuma hot spring)
  • 【Official website】http://naganuma-kousya.main.jp/html/maoi_aland.html
  • 【Contact Us】0123-76-8019
  • 【Map Code】230 597 672*17