A direct retail store that turns Hokkaido ingredients into original processed goods. Try and find something that suits you here.

NORTH FARM STOCK is a brand known for turning high-quality ingredients into original processed foods. It has many types of goods such as soups, confiture, dips, dressings, pickles, drinks and more, making it popular not just in Hokkaido but in shops that handle its goods around the country. Besides the taste, the simple but stylish packaging also catches the eye. This is the only direct retail store, set up in Iwamizawa City where the brand started, and the wide open store has enormous rows of products. You might want to make dinner to match something that catches your attention. There’s a cafe space where you can enjoy pancakes, tarts and other sweets, light meals, and soft-serve with a strong milk taste.


  • 【Address】292-4 Shibunchō,Iwamizawa
  • 【Business Hours】10:00-17:00 (Cafe LO 16:00)
  • 【Regular Holiday】None (New Year holidays)
  • 【Parking Lot】Available
  • 【Official website】https://www.northfarmstock.com
  • 【Contact Us】0126-35-5251
  • 【Map Code】803 271 015*21