Hokkaido wheat used for all its rich variety of breads

Pasco Dream Bread Workshop’s Nopporo branch uses the Haruyokoi, Kitahonami and Yumechikara brands of Hokkaido wheat. It opened in 2018, in Ebetsu City’s combination facility called the Yumechikara Terrace (Dream Power Terrace). The glass-walled bright interior has many breads and fills up with a fragrant scent. The bread, baked directly in a stone oven, is crispy, fragrant and delicious. By the way, the bricks around the oven are made in Ebetsu. Get your bread here. The "extra-matured" bread popular for its soft and chewy texture is good for breakfast, while the"snow queen"salted bread matches wine well, the curry bun is good for a snack... you might have a hard time choosing. Additionally, the eat-in space allows you to enjoy a lunch or teatime here.

Pasco Dream Bread Workshop, Nopporo Branch

  • 【Address】107-1 Nishinopporo,Ebetsu (Yumechikara Terrace)
  • 【Business Hours】9:00-18:00 * Sold until supplies run out.
  • 【Regular Holiday】Irregular holidays during winter, and New Year holidays
  • 【Parking Lot】Available
  • 【Official website】https://www.pasconet.co.jp/yumepankoubou/nopporo/
  • 【Contact Us】011-802-8885
  • 【Map Code】139 245 353*51