Field-grown fresh vegetables line up on the shelves every day. You can try out harvesting, as well as making tofu or soba!

Yogo Farm is a JGAP certified farm that starts from building good soil, avoids using pesticides and artificial fertiliser as much as possible, and creates specially grown produce with a rich flavour. Vegetables are carefully harvested each day and taken to the store while still fresh. Yogo Farm’s produce stand passes these delicious vegetables to the region. Raw pasta, handmade miso, and tomato products are also sold in great numbers here. There are many original products too, like tomato daifuku, or fly honeysuckle daifuku. And finally, something you can only get here: Tomato soft-serve, as well as a barbecue corner you can stop by empty-handed to enjoy seasonal vegetables, as well as mutton and lamb barbecued in a pot. Apart from this, you can also apply to harvest vegetables from June through mid-September. We also accept reservations to try making tofu or soba.

Yogo Farm

  • 【Address】323 Hoei,Eniwa
  • 【Business Hours】9:00-18:00  * December to mid-April:10:00-16:00
  • 【Regular Holiday】New Year holidays
  • 【Access】Taxi from JR Shimamatsu Station
  • 【Official website】http://yogonouen.co.jp
  • 【Contact Us】0123-37-2774  mail@yogonouen.co.jp
  • 【Map Code】230 401 148*15