A specialist store with rows and rows of processed salmon goods, as well as rice balls and soft-serve

A store run directly by Satou Fishery, famous for its salmon. It’s along Route 231, with the old Ishikari river running behind it. The shop is lively and filled with people coming not just from nearby but from quite a distance too. It has many goods made from all sorts of marine produce as well as salmon, and some of it will last a while, so why not look for a souvenir? And the salt soft-serve definitely shouldn’t be missed. It tastes delicious. The "gourmet rice balls", meanwhile, are popular for their size, quality filling and just-so salting. Depending on the time it might be sold out, so be careful. The second floor has the "Old River"seafood restaurant overlooking the Ishikari river, where you can enjoy meals featuring seasonal seafood.

Salmon Factory

  • 【Address】1-chōme-54 Shinkōhigashi,Ishikari
  • 【Business Hours】9:30-17:30 * Restaurant business hours 11:00-15:00(LO 14:30)
  • 【Regular Holiday】None (closed on 1/1)
  • 【Parking Lot】Available
  • 【Official website】https://www.sato-suisan.co.jp/shop-info/factory.html
  • 【Contact Us】0120-625-090 (For inquiries about restaurants and rice balls, please contact 0133-62-4691)
  • 【Map Code】514 130 463*07