A colourful gelateria on the first floor of Tappu-no-yu

Lico Lico is popular not just with people on the way out of the baths, but enough that people come here just for it. Located on the route to the big bath of Tappu-no-yu, it has over ten flavours of gelato kept in frozen cases. First buy a single, double or triple from the ticket machine, then choose some tastes from the gelatos in frozen cases. Apart from berries, chocolate and other classics, you have flavours emphasising local foods, like vegetables and beans. Each one is so colourful and tasty-looking that it’s hard to choose. Being able to eat such an authentic gelato coming out of a hot spring is a wonderful surprise. Please be sure to try it.

Lico Lico

  • 【Address】Kita-2 Dai 45 Sen,Shinshinotsu, Ishikari District
  • 【Business Hours】10:00-19:00
  • 【Parking Lot】Available
  • 【Official website】http://www.tappunoyuonsen.com/shop/
  • 【Contact Us】0126-58-3166(Tappunoyu)
  • 【Map Code】139 767 377*85