Spend a while relaxing in a hotel facing the Otaru canal,
then enjoy natural hot springs and meals from local foods!

Stay the night in Otaru. The Otaru Furukawa Canal Inn is in a perfect location, with the Otaru canal right in front of you. The front desk replicates a Meiji era merchant house, lamps light up the "light lounge", and otherwise add to a nostalgic atmosphere welcoming guests in. Rooms come in many varieties, such as Japanese style, western style, or special rooms with an outdoor hot spring attached, each offering a relaxing space. The soothing natural hot springs come through two major baths, each equipped with an outdoor bath as well. The dining area offers handmade dinner and breakfast made from ingredients from within Hokkaido, near Otaru. This inn makes it easier to walk around the canals during dusk or nighttime as well, lit up by gaslamps. It also offers yukata loans for walks outside.

Otaru Furukawa

  • 【Address】1-chōme-2-15,Ironai,Otaru
  • 【Business Hours】 15:00~ ~12:00
  • 【Parking Lot】Paid parking lot
  • 【Official website】https://otaru-furukawa.com/
  • 【Contact Us】0134-29-2345
  • 【Map Code】493 690 470*60