A produce stand with a massive lineup of fresh and processed farm produce.
Don’t miss out on the ‘veggie-soft’ seasonal soft serve!

Ishikari might have an impression of mostly marine produce, but its farms have plenty to offer. JA Ishikari maintains this produce stand, which is sure to impress you with the power of Ishikari’s farming. Local people bring their daily harvests of vegetables, fruit and flowers every morning. Just looking at the fresh and colourful lineup is fun, and the processed products, from meats to jams, make for good souvenirs. One thing you shouldn’t miss out on is the ‘veggie-soft’. A soft-serve made with seasonal fruits and vegetables, it has a delicious juicy, milky flavour. Not only is it popular with locals, but some people come from quite a distance to have it. The fruits and vegetables used change with the season, so the flavour will always keep you guessing.

JA Ishikari Produce Market Tore-no-Sato

  • 【Address】120-3 Tarukawa,Ishikari
  • 【Business Hours】 Summer period(April~December) 9:30-17:00 Winter period(January~March) 10:00-15:00
  • 【Regular Holiday】There is no regular holiday in summer, and every Wednesday in winter.
  • 【Parking Lot】Available
  • 【Official website】https://torenosato.com/
  • 【Contact Us】0133-73-4500
  • 【Map Code】9 845 375*11