Enjoy fresh fish and fireside dishes with specially selected wine in a stylish restaurant where you can feel the warmth of wood.

This bar, which was opened as a “neo general public Izakaya” in Febyuary 2020, is a collaboration bar between “GAKU inc.”, which handles popular stores such as risotto specialty stores and night parfait specialty stores in Hokkaido, and the fishery intermediate wholesaler, “Ichiuroko Cooperative Fisheries”. Enjoy fresh seasonal fish and shellfish, which are judged by “fish selection craftsmen” who identify good quality fish in the fish market, with sashimi, fritto, meuniere, pasta and such. “Fish selection craftsman, Honma-mon Sashimi” is also fun to pair with the recommended high-quality sake selected by sake advisors. The dish particularly recommended is “Charcoal-Grilled Aqua Gozza” made by a chef who has trained in the Apulia region of southern Italy as a fusion of the Naples fishermen's dish, “Aqua Pazza” and “Robata (a fireside used for Japanese‐style barbecue, Robatayaki.)”. Every time you go, you will discover something new with the “Today's Fresh Fish” lineup, which varies from day to day, and the “Chef's Recommendation Course” chosen by an Italian chef.

Ichiuroko Bar

  • 【Address】2F,4-12-5 Minami2-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
  • 【Business Hours】17:00~25:00 Robatayaki(L.O 23:00) Food(L.O 23:30) Drink(L.O 24:00), Sunday 17:00~24:00 Robatayaki、Food(L.O 23:00) Drink(L.O 23:30)
  • 【Parking Lot】None
  • 【Official website】https://risotteria-gaku.net/
  • 【Contact Us】011-839-0317