A popular hot spring inn with a radon bath, which is beloved by the townspeople.

Nanporo Onsen Heart & Heart, which is 45 minutes drive away from Sapporo is a popular hot spring inn where springs flow directly from the source. Because it's beloved by the townspeople of Nanporo, always crowded on weekends. The one-day bathing fee is 650 yen, which is reasonable. Radon bath, which is still rare in Hokkaido, is said to be effective for autonomic imbalance and the circulatory system. Although the bathroom is filled with steam, it's said that inhaling it also promotes metabolism, and is good for your body. The natural hot spring is a moor spring of a sodium-chloride strong salt spring, which is light brown, transparent, salty, and odorless. It has a slippery feel, and is a bath that warms you from the core of your body as it is called "Heat Bath". In addition, there is an oxygen bath that is said to be effective for metabolic activity, fatigue recovery, and skin beautification. You can enjoy high-quality bathing in both the indoor and outdoor baths. There is a restaurant "Ajishin" and a shop in the building, and you can also enjoy one-day bathing. "Ajishin" shouldn't be regarded as just an ordinary restaurant in a hot spring facility. The famous menu with the massive volume, Cabbage Tempura Bowl is featured on national television broadcasts, and a lot of customers visit for the menu. In addition to a variety of menus such as noodles, rice bowls, and set meals, there are also many original menus that ingredients from Hokkaido are carefully selected for, so if you come to Nanporo Hot Springs, you should definitely try this restaurant!

Nanporo Onsen Heart & Heart

  • 【Address】15 Minami9-sennishi, Namporo-cho, Sorachi-gun
  • 【Parking Lot】Available
  • 【Official website】https://nanporo-onsen.ambix.biz/
  • 【Contact Us】011-378-1126