If you’re here with a guardian, anyone at primary school age or above can try driving the excavator! Comes with a spectacular lunch, with salmon as its main dish.

As there’s snow from December through March, you can come here at any point during that time to experience snow removal, on the plot of a diner run by Ishikari fishers. Yoshioka, the owner fo the diner, supplies the excavator, a Komatsu WA200. Yoshioka is very practiced in removing snow around the neighbourhood, and will walk you through shovel movement, handle operation and everything else about how to move the vehicle. The session lasts about 15 minutes. Up to two people can get on together. You can also do this with your children. After getting rid of the snow, step inside for lunch. Ishikari has always been a region known for cooking with its locally caught salmon. This diner is famous for its set dish centered around thick, tasty pieces of salmon.

Experience riding a snow-removal vehicle(The YOSHIOKA)

  • 【Address】24-2 Oyafunechō,Ishikari
  • 【Business Hours】9:00-20:00
  • 【Fee Admission】5,500yen
  • 【Regular Holiday】None
  • 【Parking Lot】Available for 15 ordinary cars.
  • 【Official website】http://the-yoshioka.net/index.html
  • 【Contact Us】090-3018-3505
  • 【Map Code】514 252 763*05